JR Custom Leather


I am currently in the process of setting up a new work area due to a family move. No orders are being taken until further notice.

JR Custom Leather

My name is Joel Rybacki

...and I am the sole proprietor and sole leather worker of JR Custom Leather.  My focus is on quality and your satisfaction.  Custom gun leather to your exacting specifications.

JR Custom Leather is a hobby-turned-business start-up focused on gun leather and similar custom leather goods.  Each item made is made entirely by hand and one-at-a-time.  I do not have an inventory and I do not have a storefront.  I also don't have hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of heavy, specialized equipment to pay off.  In short, my overhead is low which results in lower prices to you the customer.

IWB Kimber Ultra II in horsehide.
Custom IWB holster for a Smith & Wesson.

My primary focus is modern gun leather, meaning handgun holsters, magazine holsters and gun belts.  I also make non-gun-weight belts to your specifications, a knife sheath now and again, and customized motorcycle leather goods.  Any items made can be custom embossed by myself.  Most other embellishments, such as carving or painting, would be sub-contracted out to an expert in such work.

In leather working, the quality of the leather is almost as important as the quality of the craftsmanship.  Therefore, I only use high quality domestic base leathers tanned by either Herman Oaks or Wickett & Craig.  I also keep on hand horsehide for belt linings and holsters and a few exotics from time-to-time.  If I do not have the exotic you are looking for on-hand, some exotics I am willing to get, others I am not due to the high material cost.

Custom pancake-style holster with fresh-water shark overlay for a Browning Hi-Power. Background is traditional saltwater shark for comparison.
Exotic wrapped pancake holster for a Smith & Wesson Model 66 revolver.  Special thanks to Scott at Big River Leather for the use of his design.

All holsters are made with the exact model of firearm the holster is intended for whenever possible.  For certain handguns, I will invest in dummy guns, however I have seen many circumstances where the dummy gun did not match the intended firearms dimensions exactly resulting in a tight holster so some stretching may be needed if you receive a holster molded with a dummy gun.  If you are not local to the Central PA area, I do not have an FFL so you cannot ship your firearm to me but I will make every effort to obtain the firearm or its equivalent dummy gun.  Sometimes I can get one, sometimes I can not.

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